the future

Unable to find a vacancy that suits you? Send us your application anyway!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Unfortunately we have no vacancies in your chosen field at present.

But don’t be discouraged! Send us a proactive application if you would like to join our team at NICE Solar Energy. Opportunities to bring in your specialist expertise, your experience and your personality arise constantly.

When you send us a proactive application, please make sure to include the following points:

  • In your cover letter, please state clearly the area(s) that particularly interest you and give any relevant experience or qualifications in those areas.
  • If you are a school leaver interested in a traineeship with us, we want to know why you chose our sector and what interests you most about it.
  • When sending documents (employer references, training certificates etc.), please focus on essentials, and only provide documents that are related to your desired area of activity with us.
  • Send your application by email only to karriere@nice-solarenergy.com.


Any questions about the application process? We’re happy to help!

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