Spar Supermarkt, Snarøya (Norway)

High-gloss high-tech meets nature: The Spar Group's flagship store, which opened in 2018 in a suburb of Oslo, not only sets ecological standards, it is also Norway's first environmentally friendly shop.

The facade is covered with around 90 square meters of CIGS modules, supplying electricity for the entire LED lighting system inside the store. The frameless panels in various sizes are integrated into the facade with no visible frames or mounts. The building captures the fascinating interaction between natural wood and high-gloss solar panels that reflect the surroundings and the sky – a combination that creates its uniquely characterful appearance.

As well as the photovoltaic system on the south facade, the store – which has a sales floor of 800 square meters – also features a host of other measures for cutting energy consumption and reducing carbon footprint, including a “living roof.”

Facts and Figures

  1. Spar Supermarkt, Snarøyveien 139, 1367 Snarøya, Norway
  2. Installation on south facade
  3. 92 sqm of frameless facade-integrated photovoltaic modules
  4. 550 modules of different sizes
  5. 10 kWp installed power
  6. 6,900 kWh/a of electricity generated by solar energy
  7. Completed in 2018

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