CIGS Modules

Our CIGS modules

We use CIGS technology for innovative, practical, and efficient applications in the photovoltaics sector.

Our CIGS thin-film solar modules are based on a razor-thin conductive layer of copper, indium, gallium, and selenium. The modules currently achieve efficiency of 14.6% (aperture efficiency 15.9%).

Product benefits

From sustainable production to elegant design, our CIGS modules have it all.

  • Quality Made in Germany

    NICE’s sleek, sophisticated CIGS solar modules are manufactured on the NICE Solar Energy CIGSinnoline at our facility in Schwäbisch Hall, using the latest high-tech systems in conformity with strict quality standards.

  • Maximum efficiency

    CIGS modules offer superior efficiency compared to other thin-film technologies. High-performance modules based on CIGS technology can already match the efficiency of multicrystalline solar modules.

  • Maximum yield

    NICE CIGS modules deliver many kilowatt hours of power regardless of the type of application. They make a significant contribution toward environmentally friendly energy supply based on sunlight.

  • Sustainable production

    Production processes for CIGS modules require lower volumes of material than other technologies. While today’s conventional crystalline cells are around 200 µm thick, the CIGS absorber is less than 2 µm thick. This protects our material resources over the long term.

  • Excellent temperature coefficient

    The low temperature coefficient of CIGS modules compared to crystalline solar modules delivers outstanding energy yields at higher module temperatures.

  • Elegant design

    CIGS modules are ideally suited for vertical installation, and thus for integration into building facades. They feature stunningly modern and aesthetic design.

Design variants

NICE CIGS modules deliver convincing performance and high efficiency, with enormous versatility and aesthetic design.

We supply a broad array of designs, sizes and applications (frames, mountings etc.) to enable you to integrate our high-performance CIGS modules and systems smoothly into your requirements. The functional and aesthetic solution!




The frame is designed specifically for external use and is made from rugged aluminum with black anodized coating for superb weather protection.

Glass panels

The glass panels of our solar modules can be customized; we currently offer two panel models in float glass or textured glass. This allows you to choose a variant that best fits your needs.


Our CIGS modules are available in a range of colors as well as in a non-printed version. Colors are screen-printed onto the second layer of the glass panel.


NICE Solar Modules are available in all sizes required. We produce variable formats by cutting elements to size or combining multiple elements. This enables us to supply infinitely scalable dimensions from 10 x 10 cm to 240 x 420 cm.

NICE Building integrated photovoltaic Systems (BIPV)

The ideal CIGS module solution for your photovoltaic project. For all requirements and preconditions for integration into building facades and roofs.

Our assemblies and systems are produced 100% by our company in line with the current state of the art for CIGS technology. They provide the advanced, efficient and sustainable basis for successful photovoltaic projects all over the world.

The following product lines are available:

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